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Cuccia Kids Books!

I’m David Cuccia and I write and illustrate children’s books in English and Italian. The series I’ve created consists of three books … There’s A Crazy Dog Under the Palace! , Who Ate the Gelato?! , and Topo and the Second Chance Circus. My books revolve around the concepts of friendship, second chances, and just being yourself. They’re created specifically for the child in all of us, whether you’re 9 or 90 years old! I invite you to peruse my website, and I think you’ll understand why I continue to love my job while entertaining kids and adults alike!

Good news! There’s A Crazy Dog Under the Palace / the Coloring Book is now available for purchase on my Store page, as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble sites!

One last note: Google has limited categories and list me as a publisher instead of author-illustrator. I apologize for their inconvenience but please don’t contact me hoping to be published. I am not a publisher! Grazie!