David Cuccia’s Summary

Working in the field of advertising for over 30 years, illustrator David Cuccia discovered he’s still a kid at heart! Deciding to take his illustration skills down a path only dreamed of in the past, he’s embarked on children’s book illustration and small press publishing.

With the success of his first children’s book* “There’s A Crazy Dog Under The Palace!” (2011/Fat Bottom Tails) published in both English and Italian editions, David has added author to his many accomplishments. David is currently working on the much-anticipated sequel, “Who Ate the Gelato?!” to be published in July of 2014. This will become the second of five proposed children’s books in the series, all revolving around the adventures of Jasmine the black labrador, Roxanne the Tibetan mastiff and Topo the mouse and their communication of friendship, second chances and just being yourself to a growing audience of young readers everywhere.

There’s A Crazy Dog Under the Palace! has been the subject of interviews on television and radio, with the book being reviewed in Italian American publications in the United States, as well as Corriere Canadese in Toronto, Canada.

Love for his Italian family heritage has given much more than the initial inspiration for his children’s books … it also allows him to explore new territory, this time in the field of genealogy! Teaming with certified genealogist Melanie D. Holtz, CG of Holtz Research Services, David’s services range from portraiture spanning several generations, to the reimagining of family homes as they once looked, helping clients rebuild the images and dreams they may have thought to be lost in time. (http://www.holtzresearch.com/illustrativeservices/)

“As long as the ideas keep flowing and the creative pencil keeps moving across the pages, I intend to have as much fun as possible with my work!” says David.

*Other illustrated books include Mythology (2008), Ferrum (2009/2012 second edition), and Dark of the Sun (2010), all written by Malcolm Deeley/Gromagon Press.