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Kids Books

Author Signings, Gelato, Children’s Books and Success!

Last night I was fortunate enough to partner with Coppa Gelato in Westerville, for one of the most successful book signings of my career as a children’s book author and illustrator! One of the best perks of being an author is meeting your public and talking about your passion for creating something kids and parents can enjoy together!

Kids Books

Visual Storytelling / the Establishing Shot

In the world of movies, photography or children’s book illustration, the establishing shot is one of the most important as it sets the stage for where the action to follow will take place. Typically it’s a scenic shot taken from quite a distance away and could be represented by a wide shot of the Eiffel Tower (if the story takes place in France), a train station, a field of flowers…well, you get the general idea!

Kids Books

Book Signing Fun at Eagles Pizza!

One of the best things about growing up in the 60’s and 70’s in a small rural community like New Albany was the tradition of sharing ideas and discoveries with your friends and classmates … the enthusiasm was always contagious! That same enthusiasm for sharing and the spirit of friendship was alive and well last night (December 15th) at Eagles Pizza, in the center of downtown New Albany!