Children’s Books and Current Topics

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Children’s Books and Current Topics

"Are we expecting a solar eclipse today?!"

“Are we expecting a solar eclipse today?!”

"Hello! I'm Marius ... can I help you?"

“Hello! I’m Marius … can I help you?”

Relevance to Your Story or Idea

In my opinion this is truly a double-edged sword. If it’s a particularly strong topic like bullying in schools and you have the platform to present this to children through your story or characters, then it’s something relevant that can pull readers into the story and will give you the opportunity to not only present a situation, but a viable solution they can use in everyday life. However, if you yourself don’t have a strong opinion about the topic to begin with, then your writing and presentation may be weak and in the end you may give a diluted message to children, rather than empower them to overcome the obstacles and fear that surround the topic at hand.

Current World Events

Since working out the plot line and script for Who Ate the Gelato?! I’ve found I have the opportunity to expand an idea that I not only discuss with kids on a regular basis in my book signings and school presentations, but an idea that I truly believe in with all my heart … helping homeless animals everywhere through contributions and education!

I could show these animals in deplorable conditions and talk negatively about their plight, but I choose to accentuate the positive aspects of their existence through their individual personalities and expressions as they talk with Jasmine, Topo and Roxanne … I believe this to be the strongest way to show that like humans, each animal has a unique persona just waiting to come out, if we just take the time to look for it! Their reciprocal kindness inflames the next character to pay it forward, and underlines the basic themes of friendship, second chances, and just being yourself!  

Marius tells Jasmine, Topo and Roxanne about his escape from a zoo in Denmark

Marius tells Jasmine, Topo and Roxanne about his escape from a zoo in Denmark

Reasoning and Resolve

Recently a two year old giraffe was killed by a zoo in Denmark despite numerous offers to adopt and spare him, and the global outcry was immediate and profound. Although infuriated, I knew the policies of the zoo were out of my control as an animal lover … however as a writer and artist, I do have the power to make sure this young giraffe lives on in the pages of my children’s books. Marius deserves to be remembered as an animal that, given the opportunity, would choose life over abandonment. I had to reason my options as a storyteller, and what I can and cannot accomplish with the message I impart in my children’s books … I believe I’ve chosen wisely.  Grazie!

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