On Book Signings, Puppy Dogs & Deadlines

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On Book Signings, Puppy Dogs & Deadlines

Spring Took Her Sweet Time Arriving …

… and I welcome Her all the same with no complaints! La Primavera (Spring) is a wonderful time of year not only because the Earth is bursting with color and life again, but because it brings opportunities for creative people like me that have been shut in all winter working feverishly on projects! Having the chance to visit local schools again and make presentations to kids, or to attend book signings and speak with the public, or just being able to take long walks in the warm sunshine again … this is the very essence of Spring!

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With that said, I’m happy and proud to join the ranks of over 30 local authors on May 3rd at Westerville Library’s Local Author Festival, from 10am ~ 1pm. This will be my first book signing of 2014 and I’ll keep you posted of other upcoming events as they develop. Come out and meet some of the best local home-grown talent, right in your own backyard and best of all, it’s free! The Westerville Library is located at 126 S. State Street … if you search Westerville Public Library on Google it will pull up a map for directions. Click on this link http://host4.evanced.info/westerville/evanced/eventcalendar.asp to see the May Calendar for the Library … click on May 3rd for information about this event!

No One Said Things Would Always Be Easy

Sophie Sapphire (aka “Sophie Psychlone” aka “Dirt-On-The-Nose” aka “Sophie Smudgepot”) is the newest addition to our family. Bursting into our lives in December 2013, she has firmly cemented herself in our hearts and so of course we dearly love our little girl. But like any child with a mischievous grin on their face, she can truly test your ability to concentrate and maintain an element of creativity in your work, as a whirlwind of mud and saliva (and fur) fly by you at 1000 mph! Ahhh, the pitter-patter of 400 little feet …that’s the essence of puppy! Sophie will also make her debut in Who Ate The Gelato?!, as a homeless dog taken in by the crazy chef Vittorio who like many other stray dogs found in this children’s book, will enjoy the comforts and pampering of the Palazzo Comitini in Palermo … along with a dish of gelato, of course!


There’s that Yin and Yang Thing to Consider

Setting a date to complete the sequel to There’s A Crazy Dog Under The Palace!, and keeping that date are two contrary notions … as I work toward my original self-imposed July 30th, 2014 deadline, I find my head swimming with the thought of a million more things to do in order to complete my Herculean task. Who Ate The Gelato?! is far more complex in design and illustration than it’s predecessor, but I remain firm in my resolve to achieve my end-of-July declaration. We shall see what happens and I’ll keep you posted!
In the meantime, enjoy La Primavera!

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