Kids Books Columbus Ohio

Kids books! What’s in a name? What determines a book is better suited for children than for young adults? What makes the best children’s book? Personally, I’ve always smiled more at children’s books than at the books aimed for older audiences. I don’t know whether  it’s in the author’s approach to the story, the characters, or the colors … maybe it’s a combination of all three, but kid’s books have alway been a sheer delight to read!

A Wise Man Said

My grandfather always said “if you’re not having fun, you’re not living” … what a wise man! With every word I write, with every stroke of the pencil on paper, I’m hoping to create a universe of entertainment and sheer silly fun that children can get lost in, if only for a short while! And when they finally put the book down, if there’s a smile on that face because of what they’ve read, or if they’ve giggled at the characters in the story as they get in and out of predicaments, then I’ve done my job and I’m a happy child myself!

And that smile keeps me going from one adventure to the next!