Author Signings, Gelato, Children’s Books and Success!

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Author Signings, Gelato, Children’s Books and Success!

Building a better mousetrap and reaping the sales

Last night I was fortunate enough to partner with Coppa Gelato in Westerville, for one of the most successful book signings of my career as a children’s book author and illustrator! As usual, I worried and fretted about having enough books to sell, placement of stand up posters, flyers, business cards … all of the little things that typically drive you crazy! I had nothing to worry about! Linda Davis, the owner of Coppa Gelato graciously gave me plenty of space to set up and the people starting pouring into her store soon after! There were continuous lines of customers going out the door for the two and a half hours I was on premises, with no end in sight! Everyone smiled when they saw my work, people began asking me questions about my children’s books, and I enjoyed more sales than ever before! Parents, grandparents and especially children, wanted to learn more about Jasmine, Topo and Roxanne and their exploits across Europe in the pages of Who Ate the Gelato?!

A great set up at Coppa Gelato!

Davide & Coppa Gelato owner, Linda Davis!


DSCN2107  DSCN2112 DSCN2113

The proof is in the gelato, not the pudding!

My good fortune wasn’t the result of an accident but just being in the right place at the right time, and using my head! I’d spoken with Linda last year after our first visit to her gelateria, and told her about my children’s books and the progress of the sequel which involved gelato … this piqued her interest and when I proposed the idea that we might both have some fun with a book signing, she immediately said yes! How could I possibly lose? Her location, quality products and willingness to team up with a local author, gave us both the opportunity to meet new people and increase sales … and it worked!

Meeting your public

In my opinion, one of the best perks of being an author is the chance to meet your public, shake hands and talk about your passion for creating something kids and parents can enjoy together! Without meeting the parents and grandparents in public or the kids in the schools, I would have no audience to entertain with my kid’s books, no feedback, no rush of new ideas to apply to future projects, in short … zilch! So I eagerly look forward to events such as this first book signing for Who Ate the Gelato?! last night … they give me the chance to gauge how well I’ve done and begin my dream again! Grazie mille to everyone!


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