Book Signing Fun at Eagles Pizza!

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Book Signing Fun at Eagles Pizza!


The best ones revolve around your family and friends! Family traditions are inherited while traditions that evolve from friendship might take a little longer to establish, but can be just as rich in meaning.


One of the best things about growing up in the 60’s and 70’s in a small rural community like New Albany was the tradition of sharing ideas and discoveries with your friends and classmates … the enthusiasm was always contagious! That same enthusiasm for sharing and the spirit of friendship was alive and well last night (December 15th) at Eagles Pizza, in the center of downtown New Albany! Owner, civil war historian-writer, and NAHS alumni Dennis Keesee rolled out the red carpet for yours truly as the second author to be featured in the Eagles Pizza Book Series book signing event. Friends and alumnus Dirk Stevens, Sue Gossman Whitten, and Marvin and Kathie Daniels stopped by for some great pizza and conversation while children’s books were sold and signed! It’s exciting to know that so many years after graduation, we can still share ourselves with our friends and still be appreciated for who we are and what we’re able to contribute to our community. I couldn’t be a happier boy! Grazie!

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