Kids Books

Publishing Dilemma

I was totally dumbfounded when my printer made errors on a recent shipment of my children’s books … and not just once, but TWICE! What can you do with 130 erroneous copies that can’t be sold to the public? The errors are incredibly minor and most people would miss them at first glance, but they’re there nonetheless. Then it occurred to me that since the printer doesn’t request the misprinted kid’s books returned, that various charities might benefit from their mistake! Charities with kids and families that can’t always afford food on the table at this time of the year, let alone the gift of a kid’s book as a Christmas present.

Children’s Charities

Fortunately there are plenty of charities to choose from and they were very happy to take 20-35 kids books each and distribute them to needy children throughout the central Ohio area. Everyone from churches, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the Sons of Italy, and Common Ground, were more than happy to help me turn a negative into a fun positive for a lot of needy kids! Grazie, everyone!