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Welcome to my blog … the Magic Pencil!

Magic to a Child

“The magic pencil” was first coined by a young follower (and good friend!) named Rylee Kline after she’d seen quite a bit of my artwork from There’s A Crazy Dog Under the Palace! I’m humbled and proud to receive such a high compliment!

Creation Process

But taking a rough idea or “making something out of nothing” as I profess to young children when I’m speaking about kid’s books and the creation process in schools, may just seem like magic to a child! And why not? It’s been magic to me since the age of six when I first discovered the joy of watching forms and figures materialize right before my eyes!

So let’s explore and discover that creative process, that sense of wonderment and fun that we’ve nurtured since early childhood … let’s have fun with The Magic Pencil! Ciao!

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