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Questions Frequently Asked by Kids

The Creation Revisited“What Programs Do You Use to Draw?”

This question has been asked at almost every school presentation I’ve given! I always smile and tell the kids I use a pencil to draw … there’s no computer program or high degree of technical finesse being used here, it’s just good old fashioned hand-eye coordination, imagination and talent at work, and graphite on paper! Some kids will look at me in disbelief and ask the question again as if I didn’t quite catch it the first time! But I tell them that if the basis of the illustration, the underlying foundation itself isn’t well crafted with solid drawing skill, then no amount of sparkles, farkles, or layers of computer gimmicks will save it! Period.

“Do You Use Computers in Your Work?”

Yes I do! Although the black and white drafted image will always speak loudest to me, color can give a drawing more life and vitality which is important, especially if you’re illustrating children’s books! Once I’m satisfied with a finished pencil illustration I then scan the drawing into the computer, and using photoshop I layer color into the drawing, bearing in mind that I will always have the pencil layer on top so that the drawing foundation and linework will shine through!

“How Did You Learn to Draw So GOOD?!”

I’m always humbled by this question and I appreciate such kind words and praise from kids although I never feel I deserve it … I began drawing in earnest at the age of six but if any child is interested in becoming an artist, I encourage them with the same advice I’ve been given over the years by every artist or art teacher I’ve ever known … draw, Draw, DRAW! It’s practice, it’s observation, and it’s passion for drawing that flows from the pencil. Nothing more nothing less. And with practice and experience, the fun can really begin!

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